Business Consulting

When the stakes are high, get advice and support you can count on. I’ve got a pretty diverse set of skills and experience to support you in getting what you want out of most situations. Business analysis, new service offerings, big changes, people problems, performance problems, lack of business experience and resolving conflicts are all areas that can be full of risk and reward. Get in touch to see if I can help you get what you want.


Citadel can help your business:

  • Develop healthy business strategies

  • Understand and balance priorities

  • Save money or increase profits

  • Manage HR issues and people problems

  • Improve performance

  • Improve customer satisfaction

  • Set and stick to a budget

  • Recruit great people

  • Get your team ready to rumble



Citadel can help you:

  • Make career changes

  • Resolve employment issues

  • Develop marketable skills

  • Prepare and apply for your dream job

  • Gain confidence in interviews

  • Resolve conflicts with your employer

  • Build a development plan