Steph Davidson, NZ

Shawna’s approach balances support and encouragement, with shrewd testing and challenging of thinking.  Shawna is practical and outcome focused, and her senior leadership experience adds credibility and depth to her coaching and mentoring. I’ve gotten great value for money and I recommend her to others fairly regularly!

David Wilde, UK

“What impressed me most about Shawna was her no nonsense yet engaging style towards understanding, mapping and delivering business change in complex environments with often challenging staff. Not only did she understand problems, but she worked out effective ways to fix them and then got on and did it. A real asset to any organisation needing to handle difficult changes.”

Walhiur Rahman, UK

“…I could endlessly continue to comment on her professionalism, work ethics and achievements, but it would suffice to say she is extremely talented and an asset for any organisation. If the opportunity should arise in the future, I would be honoured to work with Shawna once again!”

Steve Foran, Canada

“Shawna and I worked together on a high-profile team with a near impossible task (that was not well defined) and high expectations of results… a recipe for disaster. In that experience I witnessed Shawna shine. To say that Shawna is creative is an understatement… I think it is natural for her to step outside the box and see the obvious that is invisible to so many others. She brings a delightful attitude to everything she does and is not one to settle for anything short of excellence.”

Colin McBride, Australia

“Shawna does a great job of structuring her coaching to an individual’s needs. Goals are clearly laid out from the beginning and coaching aims to meet these goals. At the same time Shawna is flexible and adjusts the approach as needs be. Shawna strikes a great balance between teasing insights out of me and lending her own experiences when appropriate. Overall, I really enjoyed working with Shawna, we went a long way to achieving my goals and I’ll continue to reach out her when the arises in the future.”